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fiveloaves twofish - Spot on Shorts (Little Kids/Big Kids) (Denim) Girl's Shorts

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You want to buy fiveloaves twofish - Spot on Shorts (Little Kids/Big Kids) (Denim) Girl's Shorts. Get Cheap fiveloaves twofish - Spot on Shorts (Little Kids/Big Kids) (Denim) Girl's Shorts at best online store now!
For easy style, with a chic edge, look no further than the fiveloaves twofish Spot on Shorts. ; Fitted cotton shorts features a polka dot print throughout. ; Flat front and pleated back. ; Hand pockets. ; Piped trim adds a sophisticated touch. ; Zip fly and button closure. ; Cuffed hem. ; 100% cotton. ; Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry. ; Made in the U.S.A. and Importe...
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