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"MAXCases HP-ES-STR-11-GRY,857273005733,Max Cases HP-ES-STR-11-GRY Extreme Shell for HP Stream 11 (Grey)"

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Here there! It's time for Wonderful Wednesday Challenge on the Kraftin' Kimmie Blog. Coloring is done with copics. I added some highlights with pastel pencils.

Took a black marker and added in some faux stitches as a frame.

The border die is from MFT. The fishtail was just cut by hand.

Woke up, read this, and just had to post it.

I do love a list-lover.

I've been like that forever. Which can mean that I have several lists on the go at any one time. Which can be dangerous if there are too many scraps of paper lying about the place. So in recent years I have taken to having a notebook on my kitchen bench. Another pic for you folks courtesy of the good people at Shadow Lane. Here I am being spanked by my good friend Andi Switch while my other good friend Jadie Reece watches. For all you lovers of spankings over tight jeans. Ten years ago, the shop was visited by this bird.

Ten years ago on the blog the week was dominated by my second "Ted-terview" and it was with my then co-worker, Carl Buchanan.

The interview deal was a ton of fun, but in reality, had I known at the time I could have done a podcast, I would have quickly moved to doing that. Having first Jeff Kerkove, and then Carl, doing my interviews, it didn't take me long to figure out that transcribing from a dictation recorder wasn't very efficient, or fun.

But I soldiered on, and the four part interview with Carl came out over the course of the week.

Now I get to do the Riding Gravel Radio Ranch and that pretty much is what I was trying to do with the "Ted-terview" idea, only I do not have to transcribe an hour plus long conversation! I still have to rely on the expertise of my partner, Ben, in getting it all up on the web and distributed, but it is still far easier this way. I noticed via Anna Mård that the seaside house of Swedish stylist Eva Lindh is up for sale. Wouldn't say no to a little country hideaway by the sea myself. We had a lovely day at the local food festival in Fiskars today, mingling with cute cows, celeb chefs and good friends. Hope your weekend is going swimmingly! With love, RebeccaPhotos: Behrer & Partners. On Flickr and Pixoto. Of course, especially in Scotland where it’s their premier novel and most of the people have studied it at school. So they really do know it. I do understand that, because I feel the same way about Jane Eyre. Cool Japanese blog with nice parts Check it here. courtesy of on. Yet the lead actress did not appear at the press conference. Rumors immediately arose, saying that because Director Lau has made many category III films and film star Chan Wai Man will play Chai Yan's father, her family was less than supportive and intended on buying out Chai Yan's contract. Aside from Chai Yan and Don, other actors Lau Nam Kwong, Eddie Peng Wai On and Chan Wai Man still have not signed any contract. They only gave "a tap on the shoulder" agreement to perform. Because the film had no production start date in sight, Director Lau yesterday afternoon suddenly held another press conference. The banner still clearly had the name Leung Chai Yan, but he denied that he was using Chai Yan to promote. Director Lau started with a statement, saying that he has lost contact with her and her attitude has always been unclear. Hi Everyone. While its not quite the last minute. by: April D. The film will also feature modern remakes of the signature songs "Hard Knock Life" and "Tomorrow". "Annie" starts playing in theaters on Christmas Day. Alrighty, well, this is my personal blog. I will never use real names. I will not post a picture of my face, however, I will post picture of my body to show my progress and such. If you read the description, you know that I am, in fact, pregnant. I will not be trying to lose weight until I give birth because at this moment, my unborn child's life is the most important thing to me.

He has a brain malformation and he may not live past birth, but he is being adopted because I cannot financially support him.

He was conceived through rape, but I love this little boy with all my heart. This blog is going to be used for me to escape my life and talk about it. It will also be my food log and diary. Some of the Maples have some really good color. One by one the leaves give up and change color. I hope they hang on for a few more days. I will get my last day of vacation this Saturday. Meet the Hawaiian Silversword. It's actually a group of plants known as the Argyroxiphium genus. I doubt it's possible to know how many species there are, for reasons I'll explain. They grow in fresh volcanic soil, and are in fact one of the first plants to move in after a volcanic eruption, which is why I think they should be the state flower. Thanks Drgeo. "Don't look for a happy ending. It's not an American story. It's an Irish one.

"So says Brad Pitt's character to Harrison Ford's in The Devil's Own.

A real stinker of a movie. Mexico has a lot of tales. And not all of them have happy endings. In fact, there are studies that indicate bathos, and not sentimentality, is the foundation of most Mexican mythology. .

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