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Oki 42918103 OEM Drum - C9600 C9650 C9800 Series Cyan Image Drum (42000 Yield)

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You need to to see the specifications & options that come with Oki 42918103 OEM Drum - C9600 C9650 C9800 Series Cyan Image Drum (42000 Yield).
Oki 42918103 OEM Drum - C9600 C9650 C9800 Series Cyan Image Drum (42000 Yield) - Manufacturer: Oki - Mfg Part Number: 42918103 - Condition: New - Packaging: OEM...
"Oki 42918103,51851352718,Oki 42918103 OEM Drum - C9600 C9650 C9800 Series Cyan Image Drum (42000 Yield)"

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