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Sparco 81120 5-hole Punched Wide Ruled Filler Paper - 200 Sheets - 16 lb Basis Weight - 8"" x 10.50"" - 200 / Pack - White Paper

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Sparco 81120 5-hole Punched Wide Ruled Filler Paper - 200 Sheets - 16 lb Basis Weight - 8"" x 10.50"" - 200 / Pack - White Paper - Manufacturer: Sparco - Mfg Part Number: 81120 - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"Sparco 81120,035255004374,Sparco 81120 5-hole Punched Wide Ruled Filler Paper - 200 Sheets - 16 lb Basis Weight - 8" x 10.50" - 200 / Pack - White Paper"

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